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Welcome to #MyMorningAfter stories, an open forum for people to share their real life experiences of taking the morning after pill. Through speaking openly and honestly about emergency contraception, we can show women that they are not alone. Together, we can help dismantle this stigma once and for all.  

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I don't feel guilty about taking the morning after pill

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I am 43 years old and I just did not want anymore children

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I knew it wasn’t the right time for me to have a baby

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He told me the condom broke and I should get the morning after pill


I didn't regret taking the morning after pill

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She said that I would have to wait an hour to see the pharmacist

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I never had any issues with the morning after pill

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I was so angry about the male pharmacists reaction


The stigma surrounding the morning after pill gives me anxiety

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I took the morning after pill and it was fine

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I’ve taken the morning after pill three times


My partner was an idiot and “forgot” to pull out


I wasn't going to take the morning after pill at first


I got caught up in the moment and had unprotected sex


I went with my friend to get the morning after pill


It is my choice whether I want the morning after pill


As I woke, I realised we hadn’t used any protection


I was in a long term relationship at a festival


I had forgotten to take my pill the day before


I was marched down to the pharmacy by my mum


It was my chance to take back control

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My husband shares the responsibility of contraception with me

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Fear completely overcame me and I started to panic


I felt more relaxed in the knowledge that it’s the most effective morning after pill to take

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I was a student. I was using condoms and it came off…


I’m pretty sure people in the queue were chatting about me


I had sex with a friend of mine and forgot I wasn’t on the pill anymore

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The pharmacist wasn’t asking my boyfriend about what happened


I was relieved, it made me feel much less embarrassed

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I took the morning after pill after the birth of my second child…


I took the morning after pill after having unprotected sex with my boyfriend

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I was embarrassed waiting for people to leave the shop


I'm glad I had the option to use the morning after pill

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The morning after pill was fine, I feel like the staff were very professional

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I went to the pharmacy on my lunch break


I'm glad I took the morning after pill, it made me feel relieved

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I didn't know about the morning after pill until I was 19

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Why does the woman always have to be shamed?

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I felt no judgement from the male pharmacist


I left that clinic feeling like a promiscuous harlot


I’ve taken the morning after pill three times in my life


They gave me the "use condoms" talk

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I found these stories incredibly heartening


The fact that you now have a choice is incredible


She gave me a sympathetic smile and said ‘don’t worry it happens to us all’


I have taken the morning after pill a few times over the the last few years


The morning after pill helped me avoid an unwanted pregnancy


I am 29 years old and have no intention of having children


I was really nervous about taking the morning after pill


We had a few drinks and ended up having sex


My partner and I use natural family planning


I was being responsible and making an informed choice


It gave me peace of mind before my next period


I got a text telling me that the condom had split

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I didn’t ask him to use a condom. I felt embarrassed to

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I will always be thankful for having the opportunity of such a "rescue" at that moment


The pharmacist didn’t make a big deal

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I felt happy that I had plucked up the courage to get morning after pill

I didn’t really feel judged or threatened and I left feeling reassured

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I often find that people are surprised when I talk candidly about it

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Women do get judged for taking the morning after pill

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I’ve taken the morning after pill three times…

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I took the morning after pill when I was 36


The lady behind the counter whispered to her father


I felt so awkward about other people knowing I’d had sex

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I’m happily married and don’t want another baby

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I’ve taken the morning after pill 3 or 4 times in my 20s

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I knew about EllaOne from a TV advert and decided to order it

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The questions still stick with me to this day

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I have a latex allergy and didn’t have any latex free condoms with me


The woman issuing the pill asked me if I’d had a one night stand


I went to the chemist to collect the morning after pill

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I saw a tv ad for ellaOne in the cinema recently and looked online to find this campaign

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I tried to tell myself not to feel ashamed

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I’ve taken the morning after pill four times


He said it was my problem because I should have been on the pill


It was my decision to get the morning after pill


The pharmacy staff took my mind off of what I was doing


I have a child and I’ve used the morning after pill a couple of times


I’ve taken the morning after pill seven times


I felt stupid and embarrassed going to get the morning after pill


There was a big queue, so they told me to come back the next day


It's just like other mistakes, but this was easily fixed


My long term partner and I had an accident

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One condom split so off we went get the morning after pill!


I felt like I had let myself down and women down

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Contraception is a responsibility that women just deal with, often silently


I have taken the morning after pill a few times. The first time when I was 16 and hadn’t even had sex


I had honestly always thought that condoms breaking was an urban myth

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I just felt quite judged, like I had been slutty to have had sex with no protection

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I was very nervous and I felt ashamed and embarrassed

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I got the morning after pill after a one night stand in University

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I started to throw up and realised I had missed my period


I think there’s a certain stigma that you’ve been careless…


I don’t think women think about being judged for taking the morning after pill


I was worried about side effects, but I didn’t experience any problems

What is #MyMorningAfter? It is a platform for people to share their experiences of taking morning after pill. No matter why you are googling this, our stories are here to reassure you and show you that you are not alone. By sharing our stories, supporting each other and speaking openly about the morning after pill, we can stop women feeling isolated or ashamed by this experience.

If you have a story to share, and you feel comfortable doing so, please submit your story and help us break the taboo and stamp out the stigma!

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