It's my choice, my body, my life. I have safe sex, but accidents do happen




 The pill can work if it is taken before any ovulation begins, so that means that it's not killing anything, just stopping something starting. 

It's dumb how people think it's right to dictate how women should be like with their bodies, especially when men go on saying "condoms don't feel the same". It's backward standards and needs to stop! If my boyfriend accidentally got some inside, or the condom broke, then I would go to my pharmacy or doctor and immediately get a pill. And go to out of hours if it's a Sunday. 

It's my choice, my body, my life. I have safe sex, but accidents do happen.

We get judged for unplanned pregnancy, we get judged for wanting to stop a pregnancy, we get judged for stopping a pregnancy before it's even a pregnancy, and we get judged for wanting protection. We can't win with some people; so I choose to do what I feel is right without other people's input, and more women should feel the confidence to be able to do the same.



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