I was relieved, it made me feel much less embarrassed

Anonymous, 20, Kent

Anonymous, 20, Kent


I took the morning after pill when I was 18 after a drunk experience on a night out and not being 100% sure whether protection was used or not.

I basically used it as a back up to make myself certain that I was protected. I used it two days after the actual night. I was younger but I would still use it now if I needed to.

I went through my University Nursing Service, it was really easy, and after a few questions the nurse gave me the pill to take in front of her. I definitely felt a little nervous. It was my first time taking it but my friend reassured me it would be really easy. The nurse made me feel really comfortable and I was able to open up about the incident. I was relieved, it made me feel much less embarrassed because these things happen.

I was quite worried because no contraception is 100%. It was worse for me because I had left it a while and I know that for the morning after pill to be effective, it should be taken as soon as possible and within three to five days, depending on the one you use. I was a little scared of the side effects because a few of my friends had felt dizzy or nauseous, but I didn’t have much other choice. I knew a few people who’d taken it and I felt like it was the responsible choice for me.

Overall, it was quite easy to get and I was much more comfortable after. I wouldn’t be afraid to go back again but I would only use it in an emergency, and always make sure I use a different type of protection first. I definitely wouldn’t use it as my primary source of protection.

I would take it again if I needed to. It’s great for young women, especially at university where not everything always happens as you expect it. It allows you to take control of the situation and I would recommend it to everyone who doesn’t feel 100% sure.

I think there’s so much stigma behind it and it seems really scary at first. It feels like a bigger judgement because it’s only for emergencies. You feel a bit stupid because you have had to take it as a result of an accident or because other protection hasn’t worked. But I think people should be much more open to it because accidents happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.



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