I found myself at the chemist seeking emergency contraception

Anonymous, 26, Kent

Anonymous, 26, Kent


I've only got the morning after pill twice. The first time sticks out to me as I was only 17. To clarify the age of consent in the UK is 16, I was in a long term relationship and the condom split.

I felt my doctor hadn't taken me seriously when I discussed alternatives to the pill as I hadn't got on with it. I found myself at the chemist  seeking emergency contraception.

The woman seemed so condescending. With every question she asked she peered at me over her glasses almost judging. She was old enough to be my mum except my mum is more helpful than judgy.

What worries me about all of this, I tried to be a responsible individual and it felt like no one wanted to help me with my contraception and I wound up pregnant at 18.

The first person who I feel helped me was the woman at the family planning clinic who referred me to Marie Stopes.

At Marie Stopes the woman was so compassionate. They always talk to you about contraceptives before discharging you. They recommended a new contraceptive to me, the injection and gave me contacts to get hold of someone if it didn't work out.My ex turned out to be incredibly controlling, and didn't even come with me to Marie Stopes.

Young girls seeking protection aren't irresponsible. They're exactly the opposite. 

You don't know what she's going through so just help her. 

Now, I'm 24. My birth control is working great. I have a fantastic man and no one judges me for seeking birth control anymore.



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